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About me:


Hi, Melody here, i am a Beautiful hardcore girl full of magic, im a fan of piercings and shiny things and i like to be in charge and had the full control of the situation because i want to be sure that you can please me throughout, also i love to heard abot your fantasies and adventures, i want to know what things have you experienced so you can teach me what you have learned and make magic.

What turns me on:

well, i like the music festivals most of all the rock ones, i love the hamburguers and the spicy food because it shakes my body and makes me feel alived, i love to travel and know the world and the extrange things that live on it , im like a boy-scout tha

What turns me off:

even if i like the hard mood and the kinky desire i do not like an uncouth person the passion can notOvercome the barrier of respect, tell me your desires, your fantasies , talk to me with naughty words, lets get rude but dontdisrespect me or any one